Led light boards and display solutions

We deliver LED display solutions to your office, behind the window of your business premises, on the side of the sports field or, for example, installed on the side of the road, on a turnkey basis.
Led screens are suitable for both advertising and information purposes. The outdoor display is an effective and spectacular eye-catcher.
High-precision LED screens are suitable for indoor use, for example in shopping centers, spas or public spaces. For traditional video wall solutions...
The transparent led screen gives completely new possibilities for screen communication, above all on large window surfaces.
In the context of renovations or new construction of sports facilities, solutions based on LED technology start to become self-evident.

The world's most energy efficient LED screens

Auranta Oy has been an importer and total supplier of LED display technology since 2013. Our choice is to use technology that achieves more than 50% savings in both available manufacturing materials and energy consumption. In Finland, we exclusively represent the world’s most energy-dense LED outdoor display technology. Our product has also passed TUKES’ product, commissioning and installation inspection.

LED of many possibilities

Digital screen, LED screen, advertising board, giant screen, light board, digital board and video board, digital screen, and many others. The beloved child has many names, and actually no specific name has been established for LED display technology.

The advantages of LED display technology are related to long service life, modular structure, light output, energy consumption, image quality and versatile product selection. Depending on the purpose of use, the product composition can be built into a final solution that best supports the use.

Ecological can also be economical

The operating costs are almost entirely generated by electricity consumption, so our product provides significant savings in the long run both in terms of carbon emissions and electricity bills. Savings in energy consumption can correspond to the share of several tens of percent in relation to the initial investment, during the lifetime of the LED screen.

Leditaulu.fi exclusively brings to the country the most energy-efficient LED screens on the market. Over the years, the product family in question has shown very high reliability in Finland’s challenging and variable weather conditions.

Acquisition path

Responsibly educating and guiding the buyer

“How much does the LED board cost?” – will be presented at this stage at the latest. We usually ask back, how much does the car cost? So there is no direct and unequivocal answer to this. The purpose of use, location and installation method, viewing distance, outdoor or indoor display, and many other factors affect the solution proposal and thus the total costs.

We feel it is our responsible task to educate and guide the buyer to make the most appropriate purchase decision. It can sometimes mean a recommendation not to make an investment.

The most important phase of the project – the purpose for which the LED screen is being procured determines the solution. Outdoor displays are always subject to a permit, and require a permit. So you should first find out whether the planned location meets the conditions for granting a permit. In a zoned environment in built-up areas, the municipality is the determining licensing authority, while on roads it is mainly ELY. Screens placed inside or behind windows generally do not require permits.

As a supplier, we consult in the permit process, or if you wish, you can outsource this entire process to us.