High-quality led screens for outdoor and indoor spaces

Outdoor, Indoor, Transparent, Sport 

The outdoor display is noticed

LED screens are suitable for advertising as well as information. The outdoor display is an effective and spectacular eye-catcher on roadsides, facades, stadiums or, for example, in sports or skiing centers. The technical configuration of the screen is always chosen to best suit the purpose and viewing distance.

Our light, energy-efficient and long-lasting screens are designed for Finland’s demanding weather conditions.

LED indoor screens challenge traditional video wall solutions

High-precision LED screens are suitable for indoor use, for example in shopping centers, spas or public spaces. Compared to traditional video wall solutions, the size and aspect ratio can be adjusted more flexibly, and the display unit is always a uniform and seamless image surface.

Transparent is the new black of LED screens!​​

The transparent led screen gives completely new possibilities for screen communication, above all on large window surfaces. High transparency of up to almost 90% ensures that the screen structure is inconspicuous. The transparent led screen is perfectly suited for utilizing the window surfaces in office use.


In the context of renovations or new construction of sports facilities, solutions based on LED technology start to become self-evident.

The solutions are mainly either a large scoreboard or a media cube, or e.g. a perimeter screen placed on the sideline of the soccer field.

It is also essential to take into account the necessary results service and media management system, which is used to manage the running content, such as results service, live stream or e.g. commercial media content.

Effective communication with a content management system

FirstView’s MediaCloud™ is an easy-to-use cloud service for updating the contents of LED screens. The content is managed remotely via the Internet and you don’t need separate software. You add and schedule content, such as pictures, videos, bulletins, ready-made presentation templates, news or other material, either individually or in desired groups.