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Customers' comments

“Hyvinkääsali’s program and event production is extensive, and it is important for us to communicate this through different channels. The old text display on the wall of the Hyvinkää Hall needed to be updated, and it had also not worked for a long time. We therefore decided to update the solution to today’s. It was not possible to install an LED screen on the facade, but Auranta Oy’s proposal to choose a quite innovative transparent LED as a solution was a bold move that definitely turned out to be the right solution. In my opinion, the challenges of a very challenging installation site were solved, which is proof of the supplier’s professionalism both in terms of the proposed solution and the installation implementation. The implementation is inconspicuous from the inside, but shines and reaches out brightly and impressively.”

Juha Heikkilä, production manager, City of Hyvinkää/Hyvinkääsali